Don Schnitzius

What theā€¦ Where's your portfolio?

This site is getting modernized! We're removing the Flash and making it responsive to desktop and mobile browsers.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for CV, social branding and etcetera.

How can I see your work during renovation?

You can view a PDF brief of iPhone app designs I designed and, if you are a developer or nerd, some of the wireframes and development docs as well.

My retired Flash-based portfolio is full of Flash samples, however – this being 2015 – several of the external links are offline.

I'm new here. Who the heck is Don Schnitzius?

I'm an accomplished designer and front-end developer based in Chicago, a veteran at making great web sites and excellent mobile apps.

I provide quality services across many sectors of the development lifecycle:

  • Concept Phase
  • Wireframes
  • UX Flowcharts
  • Interactive Mockups
  • Design Phase
  • UI Design
  • PSD Mockups
  • In-Browser Mockups
  • Production Phase
  • Production-Ready Art Assets
  • Front-End Dev & HTML/CSS Brickwork
  • Xcode Storyboard Prep & Cleanup
  • Promotion Phase
  • App Store Art
  • Product Documentation
  • Marketing Materials

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